Tiny Fairies, Souls of Flowers and Dancers

Tiny Fairies

I have just to shut my eyes
To go sailing through the skies
To go sailing far away
To the pleasant Land of Play;
To the fairy land afar
Where the Little People are.
Robert Louis Stevenson, "The Little Land"

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Souls of Flowers

My father loved so much his garden.He referred to the trees and flowers in it as if they were little children: "my tiny lemon tree", "my beautiful roses", "my babies"...
He left us in 2014. He always faced life in a playful, cheerful, optimist way, even in the age of 98.
I created the Souls of Flowers in his memory.

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The girls in the beautiful gowns
and elegant dresses
are ready to make this night theirs
It seems they waited a long time for it to come
They're ready to dance
They're ready to party
They're ready to shine. Justin Gildow

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The ''Must-Have-Bag'' Earrings

Objects of desire: OK, we all love the S/S 2014 bags and purses, but not everyone can afford them. Why not to try these earrings drawing inspiration from the colorful handbag collections for Spring/Summer? They are made of paper laminated and folded, o rings and silk thread sewn and crocheted. For the prints, I photographed some of my drawings and digitally processed them.

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